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Arnold Place’s House of Serenity is soliciting contributions to help open its doors to young women (ages 14-22) of the metropolitan Washington, DC, Maryland area., who are homeless, pregnant; and affected by HIV/AIDs.  Our research shows that there are limited metropolitan area residential programs, if any, solely devoted to helping homeless young women, pregnant teens; and especially those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.   In 2010, the state of Maryland ranked 2nd highest in all AIDS cases reported among U.S. states. Consequently, this has made AIDS/HIV cases a concern, especially for homeless youth.  Also, a substantial number of AIDS/HIV cases were those of young people, especially women.

The Arnold Group, a partnership of concerned business owners in the Maryland/ D.C. area, have purposed to address this very real need, by opening a residential facility which will provide young women the safe harbor; assistance and hope they need to help transition them during  this uncertain time in their lives.  Arnold Place’s “House of Serenity’s goal is to open the doors to a 16,800 square foot facility with 24 residential suites in April, 2015.    You and your organization Can Help by donating the following:

Monetary  Contributions*

A financial gift of any amount is welcomed.  Contact us directly to learn how you can have your name listed as a sponsor on our website; and have a residential suite named as a Substantial Donor.  You will also receive regular email updates and invitations to all events.

 Plastic Toiletry Donations

The Arnold Group has established a recycling program that contributes $4.00  for every  10 pounds of donations collected to support this effort.  Contact us to arrange regular pick-ups; and/or to serve as a Collection Site.  All Collection Stations will be listed on the Arnold Place website as Contributors, as well as on all marketing materials and website.

 Shoe and Clothing Donations

We accept new, gently used clothing; and worn shoes ( both male and female) in decent  condition.  Your donations are collected by our drivers; and will be sold to benefit the Arnold Place’s House of Serenity construction and renovation efforts. Donations can be picked up; or dropped off at designated Collection site.

 For More Information Call: 202.431.9811/ Email: Send Donations to:  ARNOLD PLACE/House of Serenity/ c/o 3120 Walters Lane, Forestville, MD. 20747