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Prenatal Support
Arnold Place will offer the mental support needed when a teenage girl is pregnant and transitioning to motherhood. Arnold Place will offer classes, support groups and workshops for new and expectant parents. It is our goal to increase knowledge, skill set and confidence as the mother prepares for the birth of her new baby and the future ahead.

Arnold Place will offer the following classes , services, & groups for the expectant mother during the pregnancy and after the birth of the baby. All of the classes, services and groups will be conducted by certified counselors, professional traners and life coaches. We will offer ,Parenting a Newborn, Baby Blues, Transitioning to Parenthood, Breastfeeding a Newborn, Prenatal Fitness, Childbirth Preparation, just to name of few with so much more. Our classes will be from a time period of 2 – 8 weeks, depending on the course.
AIDS/HIV Support
Arnold Place will offer the support needed with homeless teenagers with all of the health needs, especially when facing HIV. Research shows that HIV-positive youth need multidisciplinary case management and care. Such care integrates primary care with HIV specific-care, mental health services, sexual health care and secondary prevention. We will provide intensive case management to assist young mothers with complex issues, such as disclosure and partner notification, substance abuse treatment, housing and simply put…HOPE in a second chance.

Each resident of the Arnold Place will have on staff certified nurses to administer the medicines that are needed for the expecting moms affected with HIV. The expectant mother financial medical needs for medicine, health care, regular check ups, and all other medical needs will be me by the Arnold Place, with the assistance of our partners, grants, and other government funding.
Parent Counseling
Parent Counseling offered at The Arnold House will offer an intensive training for the new mom to assist them in acquiring skills to support and improve parental effectiveness by providing a clear parenting philosophy. Being a mom is one of the most difficult jobs a mother can have, and actually the most important responsibility a woman can have.

Arnold Place understands counseling and/or training can have a dramatic and positive impact and with early intervention can help prevent future long lasting problems. Once the mother has completed the 12 week course they will understand how become an effective parent while raising and caring for their child. The training will consist of Strengthening the Parent Child Relationship, Problem Solving and Negotiating Strategies, Nonviolent Discipline Procedure, Responding Properly to Your Child.
Financial Literacy
Arnold Place Financial Literacy Class will service the teens and women with the ability to understand how money works in the world. Financial Literacy is defines as how someone manages to earn or make money, how that person manages money, how the person invests money (turn it into more) and that person donates money to help others. More specifically, financial literacy refers to the set skill and knowledge that allows individual to make informed and effective decisions with all of their financial resources. After the participants complete their 12 month course they will have learned the ability and skills to manage financial resources effectively for a lifetime of financial well-being.

Arnold Place will teach the women an intensive curriculum beyond the basic courses of How to Balance a Check Book, How Much Change You Should Receive When making a Purchase at Your Local Store, or How to Compute Your Annual Salary When Receiving an Hourly Rate. Our program will help and teach the participant; Understanding Your Credit Report, Budgeting and Forecast Personal Finances, Renting vs Buying, First Time Homebuying, Preventing Foreclosure. We understand the importance of understanding and implementing these much needed subject matters.
Computer Literacy
Arnold Place will have an in-house computer room which will be available to the moms on a 24 hour basis. We will have certified computer professional trainers to teach the ‘10 Basics Steps’ in Computer Literacy. The course will be an ongoing weekly tutoring program that will help the teenage girls with their school homework assignments along with job placement for the young women.

The ’10 Basics Steps’ will consists of:
  1. Search Engines
  2. Word Processing
  3. Spreadsheets
  4. Browser Basics
  5. Virus/Malware Scanning<.li>
  6. Common Keyboard Commands
  7. Basic Hardware Terminology
  8. Simply Networking Diagnosis
  9. How to Hook It Up
  10. Security/Privacy 101
Job Placement Training
Arnold Place will provide the Job Training skills that are needed to help the mothers become gainfully employed within their perspective skill set. We will provide the necessary training to create the confidence that is needed when seeking employment. Our mothers will learn how to Prepare a Resume, How to Have a Successful Interview, How to Properly Dress for Interview, How to Follow, Character Building in the Workforce. Arnold Place will also partner with local companies where the mothers can participate in the trade programs such as, Nursing, Cosmetology, Mechanical, and Computer Programming. In the partnership with the trade schools it is our hope and goal to have the women learn a trade they can use to establish an awesome career.