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Arnold Place is the long time vision of Tracy Yvette Arnold, founder, business owner and concerned citizen. Ms. Arnold is a native Washingtonian, who was educated and raised in Prince George’s county, Maryland (MD); and currently resides in Forestville, MD.

Beginning at the age of 15, Ms. Arnold started working in the federal government and was employed in a number of capacities. Since then, she has held several jobs, all of which helped to lay a solid foundation as a hard worker, with a strong work ethic. In 1998, she entered the professional Mortgage business. Here she learned and developed her skills as a mortgage originator. As a result of her work ethic, she also cultivated an entrepreneurial spirit which eventually led her to open her own mortgage company in 2005, Mortgage Consultants for Life (MCL).

As a female business owner and CEO, Ms. Arnold led a staff of five (5) persons that supported 32 Loan Officers. MCL also helped over 300 families purchase homes; or refinance their homes, totaling over $100 million in loans. During this time, she began to see the need for housing not just for families, but also for homeless persons—especially for homeless females, teens and youth. This led to a sincere desire to give back to the local community. Currently, she serves as the CEO of the Arnold Financial Group, a financial and mortgage services entity that provides education and related services to businesses; youth and adults in the metropolitan D.C./MD community.

Over seven years ago, the vision of a house of serenity for homeless girls; pregnant teens; and women with HIV/AIDS was born. Arnold Place will be a house of hope, comfort; serenity and transformation for troubled young women in the metropolitan DC/ MD area. The facility will house 24 separate residential suites; and provide an array of supportive services to young women (ages 14-22). It will also offer skills training and counseling .

As a Christian, Tracy truly believes that Arnold Place is her divine, ordained mission. She is destined and purposed to help serve young troubled women. Having been a troubled youth and teen runaway, who eventually turned her life around, her past life experiences serve as a positive role model for others.

Tracy’s Motto is: “No One Can Do Everything, but Everyone Can Do Something.” Arnold Place is that “something” she hopes to leave as a life-long legacy and contribution to service.